The English Kindergarten (TEK)

School Mission Statement


Choosing the right kindergarten for your child can be just as important as selecting the right elementary school or university.

At The English Kindergarten (TEK) - we believe it's even more important, because it's the very first step on the road to success and a lifetime of achievement.

We all know the importance of building on solid foundations in order to get off to a good start in life. At TEK we nurture respect for others, develop basic skills and encourage social interaction.

Respect, development and encouragement are our values and will be your child's legacy.


General Information

Phone/fax numbers: 

  • TEK: 4491-9319, 4491-9318

Website:  www.tek.com.qa

Email: patsy@tek.com.qa

Location of kindergarten: TEK Al Mamoura - Mansour Bin Talha Street - off Al Maadeed Street

Nearby Landmarks:  Close to Qatar Decoration Roundabout, Cambridge School, Egyptian Language School, Doha College

GPS Coordinates: 25.245476, 51.498919

Students live in the following areas:  All areas in Qatar

Nationality of Management:  Western Expatriate

Maps to school:  TEK - Download map here and driving directions here

Students live in the following areas:  New Salata, Al Waab, Al Saad, Mesaimeer, Old Airport, Abu Hamour, Al Hilal, Salwa Road & Villagio area


The English Kindergarten Doha Expat Mums Kids Guide

Waiting in anticipation for the snowstorm!

Admission & Attendance Information

Ages of children admitted: TEK - three years to five years

Cost: Please contact TEK directly for up-to-date information regarding our fees.

Fees are paid: By the term

Registration fee: QR2000

Other fees: None

Refund policy: No refunds

Application deposit: Included in registration fee

Average length of waitlist, if any: Please contact TEK directly for up-to-date information.

Application procedure: Please visit our kindergarten and we will happily provide you with the application documentation.  Please note that admission is selective (Reception years).


The English Kindergarten Doha Expat Mums Kids Guide

Water play enhances a child's senses and his understanding of his relationship to nature.


Hours & Schedule Information

Hours of kindergarten: 7:00am - 1:00m

Care options: Full time (Sunday - Thursday)

After-school care:  No

Type of curriculum:  British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) - six areas of learning and development

Typical daily schedule: Will be discussed in detail upon visit to The English Kindergarten

Summer sessions offered:  Dependant on demand

School Holidays:  In line with Doha College & DESS

School calendar(s) most closely followed:  In line with Doha College & DESS


The English Kindergarten Doha Expat Mums Kids Guide

We are learning the rules of the road long before we learn to drive!


Classroom & Teacher Information

Required teacher & assistant trainings/education:  Selected staff have CPR & First Aid certification.  We source qualified/experienced staff.

Languages spoken by teachers: English, Spanish, French and Arabic

Languages spoken and/or taught to children: English & Arabic

Extra-curricular activities: Physical Education (P.E.) is taught at no additional charge.

Do the children watch TV/videos? Children watch TV on Thursdays (only) for fifteen minutes and are fully supervised during this time.

Are webcams available for parents to view their children online: No


The English Kindergarten Doha Expat Mums Kids Guide

Developing the pincer grip is a critical fine motor skill

More About The English Kindergarten

Registered Kindergarten: TEK is a Kindergarten.. We are licensed by the Supreme Education Council and accept children to Reception year (usually first year of school - age 5 years). At TEK, our emphasis is on learning and education in a structured and fun learning environment for Pre-School and Reception-aged children. 

Arabic Classes: We provide Arabic classes each day as a second language.

Physical Education (P.E.) Programme: Once per week we provide PE classes to the Pre-School and Reception years at no extra charge. We have a fully-qualified PE teacher who provides appropriate training relative to age and ability, helping to accelerate the development of gross motor skills.  Presently TEK is the only Kindergarten providing a regular PE programme.

Nurse: All staff have first Aid and Health Certificates.



The English Kindergarten Doha Expat Mums Kids Guide

Snow at last in Doha!

Other Information

Grassy Play area:  Yes - artificial grass.

Shaded outdoor play area: We have two large shaded areas.

Dedicated indoor play area: TEK has a very large indoor obstacle course & soft play area.

Are snacks supplied for the children: No

Are lunches supplied for the children: No

Are the lunches (from lunchboxes) heated for the children: Heating facilities are available.

Nut Policy: "No Nut" policy

Other food policies, if any:  No crisps, candy, chocolates or fizzy drinks.

Potty training: We are happy to assist parents with potty training when their child is ready.

Are cloth diapers accepted: Yes

Are diapers and wipes supplied: No

doha mums nursery nurseries english kindergarten

Active bodies, active minds, active learning! 


Mateo attended Pretty Pelicans for the Autumn term from September to December. Miss. Denise has been so caring, constantly giving me feed-back on my child's developments, on class activities and on the well -being of my child. I was always kept up to date and Mateo thrived in such a nurturing environment.
Miss Nella is so loving and caring to the children, especially Mateo. She took the time regularly to make sure Mateo ate his sandwich, day after day she encouraged him until he ate without prompting. This took unbelievable patience and for this I am eternally grateful. I feel that Mateo was so privileged to have attended TEK in Miss. Denise and Miss. Nella's class. His academic progress within these months is amazing. An enormous effort on class planning and crafts is evident.
Thank you so much for this amazing experience in TEK and with a heavy heart we move on.

Aishling, January 2016


Miss Patsy

Its really difficult to express our gratitude, however I would like to thank all the staff at TEK. My daughter was a shy and clinging when she started and because of the your great work she has blossomed into a confident 4 year old who is well equipped for going to school in September. You have provided Sara with a stable environment  in difficult times after arriving in Doha. For this my husband and I will always be grateful to you and your staff. Keep up the wonderful work!

April 2014


TEK Staff

I wish to thank you for all that you have done.  I have been very happy with the services you provide at TEK. This was Mariams first experience away from home and I am sure she will remember how enjoyable it was. As a working parent it was important for me to feel and know that she was in a caring and safe environment.

Thank you!

Leah, May 2014


When moving anywhere with children, school becomes a primary concern for most parents.  We moved to Doha in 2012 and had a very difficult time finding a school place for our daughter.  Ms. Patsy and The English Kindergarten provided the solution.  We have had both of our children attend TEK in the kindergarten class as well as the nursery and in September 2014, both of our kids will be attending Doha College.  TEK and their staff provided a very nurturing and structured environment, one of which both of my kids have enjoyed and are now prepared for the bigger primary schools.  In addition, Ms. Patsy has also been very flexible and easy to work with and I have referred many friends to her.  Thank you for all of your support and a job well done, we are going to miss you.

Carol, May 2014


Hi Patsy

I wanted to let you know how happy we are with TEK. Miss Nana and Miss Claudia are just fantastic. They are so welcoming and loving. On Rohan's second day he did not want to come home as he was having such a wonderful time. We are very grateful that you were able to enroll him. 

Thank you!

Philippa Quy


Dear TEK staff,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at TEK, we are grateful to you all.

Nora had a wonderful experience in a new country and your dedication to making her feel comfortable, wanted and respected t is admirable. Today we are so proud of her achievements and want to say thank you to Miss Val for the effort and confidence Nora has gained being at TEK. She was assessed at Park House and has been accepted, this is due to the excellent education she received at TEK.

Thank you all very much


Admir Cehic