Little Genius Nursery

School Mission Statement

At Little Genius we will teach, encourage and support our children to become independent little learners.

We provide a happy, secure environment for our children to learn and play together, regardless of gender, race or religion. A place where children are treated as individuals, feel respected and valued and where best practice is paramount.

Under the guidance of fully qualified and experienced nursery teachers we introduce the children to early education.

"Together we prepare the children of today for a world of tomorrow."

"It's never too early for education"

We encourage Parents to book an appointment for a tour of our unique building. With spacious Classrooms, Learning Centers and an onsite Clinic.


Little Genius Nursery Doha Mums

Children love to perform - both for themselves and for others!

General Information

Phone number:  4483-3591

Fax number:  4483-3606

Website: www.littlegenius.com.qa

Email:  info@littlegenius.com.qa

Location of nursery:  West Bay

Nearby Landmarks:  College of the North Atlantic - Qatar

GPS Coordinates:  25.3571706, 51.4827485

Map to School:  Download here

Driving directions to school:  Download driving directions here

Students live in the following areas: All areas are welcome

Nationality of Management:  Lebanese/ British

Little Genius Doha Mums

Active play isn't just fun - it also encourages social skills!


Admission & Attendance Information

Ages of children admitted:  One to four years (cutoff date of 31st August)

Cost:  Full details available upon request from the nursery

Fees are paid:  Monthly 

Siblings Discount: We offer a 10% discount to siblings who also enroll in the nursery.

Registration fee:  One-time registration fee of QR 1,500

Other fees:  External activities

Refund policy:  Non-refundable

Application deposit:  When registration is accepted an application deposit of QR 1,000 is due

Application procedure:  Download an application from the website and submit to nursery - or stop by the nursery to pick one up directly.


little genius doha mums

It may look like simple play, but a ball pit also improves a child's body awareness and provides positive sensory input.

Hours & Schedule Information

Hours of nursery:  7am - 4pm

Early Dropoff: 6:15am Sunset Club (full details upon request)

Late Pickup: 4pm - 6pm Sunset Club (full details upon request)

Care options:  Two, three of five days per week

After-school care: No

Type of curriculum: Our curriculum is based on the EYFS early years education. This will offer the children a broad and balanced learning experience.

Typical daily schedule: 

A typical week at Little Genius will include:

  • Welcome Hall Activities
  • Creative Classroom
  • Child Initiated Free Play
  • Quality Circle Time
  • Teacher Initiated Learning
  • Soft Play
  • Little Artists
  • Little Chefs
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Outdoor Play/Physical Activities
  • Story Time & Book Sharing
  • Music & Movement/Dance
  • Sand Play
  • Snack Time
  • Nap Time & Relaxing

And much, much more.....


Naps: Naps are taken in a separate room and are required (usually around 45 minutes)

Summer sessions offered: Yes (dates to be determined)

School Holidays: All governmental holidays (Qatari National Holidays), Easter & Christmas

little genius doha mums

Our open areas are bathed in natural light and provide plenty of space for movement - especially important in the warmer months!


Classroom & Teacher Information


Size of classes & number of teachers:  Dependant on age, but all classes have a class teacher with a minimum of two assistants.

Required teacher trainings/education:  College or university teaching degree and minimum three years proven classroom experience in nursery education. 

Required teacher's assistant trainings/education:  College degree and classroom experience

Languages spoken by teachers:  English, French & Arabic

Languages spoken and/or taught to children:  Classes are taught in English, which is the spoken language across the nursery throughout the day. French & Arabic classes are scheduled twice per week.

Extra-curricular activities:  Yes. Music, Art and P.E. are all part of the curriculum.

Do the children watch TV/videos?  Possibly, but only educational videos

If so, how frequently and for how long?  No longer than ten minutes, and not more than twice per week

Are webcams available for parents to view their children online?  Yes, for registered parents

List of after-hours & weekend babysitters available for the parents at your nursery?  No

Little Genius Doha Mums

Shhhh. . .don't tell the kids they're developing language and literacy skills!

Other Questions

Grassy play area:  Yes

Shaded outdoor play area:  Yes

Dedicated indoor play area:  Yes

Are snacks supplied for the children:  No

Are lunches supplied for the children:  No, parents must send lunch with their children

Are the lunches (from the lunchboxes) heated for the children:  If requested by the parents

Nut policy:  No peanut butter or nuts

Other food policies, if any:  Only healthy snacks are permitted

Are cloth diapers accepted?  No

Are diapers and wipes supplied:  No

Do you offer Islamic studies?  Yes

Do you have a full-time nurse on staff?  Yes

Do you accept Special Needs students?  Yes. Please contact the nursery to discuss the individual needs of your child.

Do you assist with potty training:  Yes


little genius doha mums

Imagination + social interaction = priceless




I am writing for you to emphasize on how grateful we are from all the experience we had with Little Genius Nursery for the year 2011/2012.

Little Genius Nursery, was like a big family for our son Edward, We are so happy we chose to send our son here, as staff daily go the extra mile to ensure he is entertained, stimulated and above all, cared for.

He enjoyed every day the variety of activities he takes part in, all of them fun but also starting him on his learning journey through discovery and creativity; "We couldn't ask for more from a nursery. The staff are so friendly and care about the children, the activities are varied and interesting,

A big thanks for all your hard work and effort ... will miss you all - Karen, Valerie, Nadeen, Cecille, Richel, Pauline, Lynn, Hoda, "Receptionists", all.....

A Great Job, from a great Team, Directed by a great professional leader, Mrs Lina.

The graduation exceeded our expectations, with its organization and generosity and how it personalized each child as a part of this family.

In conclusion,"Little Genius" is not a simple nursery it is a successful family team work where it highly reflects Love, Care, and professionalism.

All the best for a brilliant future!

Lamis & Antoine Nasr (Edward's Parents)


Even though Little Genius Nursery was brand new when I applied for my daughter, they still managed to impress me.

The staff are well prepared and well trained, they answered every question I asked and I liked what I heard. The teachers and the assistants are very professional, lovely and lively. They know how to interact with the children and teach them in new fun and different ways every day. They have a lot of games and activities that teach the children without them noticing that they are actually learning, and they are open to any suggestions to improve their system and to make it a better place for our children. The atmosphere of the nursery and the facilities are very cheerful and child friendly.

I also love how clean the nursery is and how keen they are to keep it clean all day long, and teach the children excellent hygienic habits keeping them healthy at the same time. All toys, classrooms, bathrooms are being cleaned throughout the day.

As for the security, it is one of the best features in the nursery, because I haven't seen this at any other nursery I visited before. They have web cams so you can watch your child and see what is going on inside the classroom, and nobody is allowed to go in and out unless you have a registered fingerprint on their system.

I love Little Genius Nursery and I would for sure register my second daughter there as soon as she is ready and old enough for it, and I would recommend it to everybody I know.

Sara - mother of a 3 year old

Little Genius is a really friendly nursery. From the security guards at the front, to the receptionists and all the teachers and administrative staff. Everyone seems to know my child's name and always have a smile for you. The facilities themselves are big, spacious and bright.
There is plenty of room for the children to run around and play both indoors and outdoors. The children really benefit from the trampoline, bikes and play houses, not to mention the big bouncy castles that come out on special occasions. There is a large well equipped kitchen where the children get their hands in, making delicious healthy snacks like fruit salads and pancakes. A nice aspect of the nursery is that there are specialist rooms for arts, crafts, music, French and Arabic, so children can move around and really enjoy themselves getting ready for big school. The bathrooms are of small size making it easier for the children to use. All children get a daily report about what they did at school. In summery Little Genius is a really nice nursery and i would recommend it to all my friends.

Saira (Ali Khawaja's mum, Little Explorers)


I am so grateful to Little Genius. The nursery offers quality education as well as linguistic programs, including Arabic and French. The aftercare hours are incredible for working parents. The teachers, staff and administrators are experienced professionals with expertise in child care and education. As a parent, I see my three year old blossom and learn on a daily basis in an exciting and happy environment. Little Genius has a great future.
Mouni Chouban


*My son has thoroughly enjoyed his time at the nursery and developed his social and creative skills as well as grown in independence.

*The staff is wonderful they are kind, friendly and cooperative, they take care of my son, he loves them so much and they also do.

*I was admired with the nursery's building it's so clean and it has a great mock-up including the playing areas, either the outdoors or the indoors one, soft play areas, the toilets, the kitchen the clinic and the classes.

*I was always reassured that my son is in a calm and secure environment and this thanks to the (in/out Biometric system ).

*Also the reception will not allow the child to leave the nursery if they don't have identification about the person wanting to pick up the child.

*Little Genius has something unique made it different from the other nurseries. The (Web Cam) enabled me to enjoy watching my child in his class and it was great for his grandmother and grandfather to their grandson although they are abroad in another country.

I advise all the mothers who are seeking a nursery where their kids want to feel the home environment to join Little Genius Nursery.

Dr. Reem Farouk
Mom to Ahmad Bibars (Little Creators)